Study in Progress

Statement of Task

A committee will prepare a report that reviews the scientific literature on the nutrition of beef cattle. All life phases and types of production will be addressed. The report will include the following elements: a comprehensive analysis of recent research on feeding and nutrition of beef cattle including research on the amounts of amino acids, lipids, minerals, vitamins, and water needed by growing and reproducing beef cattle; a summary of recent research on energy systems used in beef cattle nutrition; an update of the nutrient requirements contained in the 1996 NRC publication Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle; a summary of the composition of feed ingredients, mineral supplements, and feed additives routinely fed to beef cattle; a summary of information about coproducts from the biofuels industry, which will include information about the various types of products and their most effective use and information about phosphorus and sulfur contents; a review of nutritional and feeding strategies to minimize nutrient losses in manure and reduce greenhouse gas production; a discussion of the effect of feeding on the nutritional quality and food safety of beef; new information about nutrient metabolism and utilization (e.g., rumen bypass of protein and lipids, nutrient encapsulation, and starch processing); new information on feed additives that alter rumen metabolism and postabsorptive metabolism; and future areas of needed research. Depending on the extent of new information available, an update of the current computer model to calculate nutrient requirements may be developed.

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