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The issues addressed by BASC are at the forefront of contemporary concerns. Climate change and impacts, global climate models and the implications of their results, air pollution, and severe weather are topics discussed not just by scientists, but in Congress and in headlines every day. Our understanding of these issues directly affects the nation’s environmental policies, energy choices, manufacturing decisions, construction codes, and agricultural methods. In addition, there are implications for human health and emergency management. BASC's interests include:

  • advancing methodologies and technologies for supporting weather and climate science;
  • enhancing structure, operation, and optimization of weather and climate observing and forecasting systems and approaches;
  • improving understanding and prediction of weather and climate variability and related impacts on society;
  • understanding climate variability, change, impacts, and adaptation;
  • understanding atmospheric composition and chemistry, including transport and impacts of air pollution;
  • facilitating research on atmospheric/land interactions, atmospheric/ocean interactions, and atmosphere/cryosphere interactions;
  • advancing methods to communicate uncertainty in weather and climate information;
  • improving understanding of atmospheric and climate sciences (including supporting technologies and services) and helping make this understanding relevant to national needs.


BASC oversaw the Climate Research Committee from 1981 to 2011.



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