Databases, Reference, and Training Materials

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AALAS Learning Library
National Agriculture Library Catalogue / AGRICOLA (US)
Agricultural Network Information - Kansas State University (US)
Chromosome Aberration Nomenclature - Jackson Labs
EMBASE - Elsevier
Approved Animal Drug Products - Food & Drug Administration (US)
FINS: Fish Information Service
German Institute of Medical Documentation and Information (ZEBET)
Gene Knockout Mouse Database
International Species Information System (ISIS)
Laboratory Animal Training Association
Division of Research Resources - University of Tokushima Graduate School (ANEX, Japan)
Laboratory Animal Welfare Training Exchange (LAWTE)
Merck Veterinary Manual
Mouse Genome
Mouse Phenome Database (Jackson Laboratory)
National Center for Biotechnology Mouse Genome Resources
NLM Gateway
PubMed (Medline literature index, NLM)
Rat Database Matsumoto Laboratory (Japan)
Rat Genome Database
Recommendations for Euthanasia of Experimental Animals (Part 1)
Recommendations for Euthanasia of Experimental Animals (Part 2)
Research (IACUC web course and exam)
The Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI)
The Whole Mouse Catalog
Thomson ISI Citation Database
Training in Survival Rodent Surgery (NIH)
Training Materials from OLAW
Zebrafish Information Network (Zfin)

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